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Our Mission

We empower leaders to communicate purpose and innovation effectively, connect with their audience emotionally, and
grow visionary thought leadership that shapes the future.


Our Specialties

Storytelling for Purpose

1) Storytelling for Pitches – Relevant real stories that are well told as part of your pitch will make your purpose driven business or innovation much more interesting and compelling to investors and stakeholders, maximising the chances of getting the support, sponsorship and funding your incredible business deserves.


2) Storytelling for PR/Research Communication – As your brand’s spokesperson, you will want to have a few stories ready that communicate what your brand stands for, how it makes a difference and bring data to life in an interesting way that enable your brand to connect emotionally with your target audience.


3) Storytelling for Public Speaking – Great stories in a talk or keynote speech are powerfully effective for conveying your message in a memorable way, keeping your audience engaged and compelling them into taking action.

We help you identify these stories from your personal experience and apply professional storytelling techniques to significantly improve the impact and results of your next talk or speech.

Visionary Thought Leadership

1) Develop a Moonshot Brand Vision – What is your brand’s vision and purpose? What is the ideal outcome of the impact your business is trying to achieve? Are you thinking big enough? Do your target audience understand and buy into your purpose and mission? We help you to simplify your idea, develop and articulate your brand vision and purpose to ensure the message is clear, outstanding and impactful.

2) Grow your thought leadership and create new sources of revenue  – Online courses, workshops and subscription based learning communities are great ways to create new sources of revenue that leverage your expertise and establish you and your brand as a thought leader in the industry. We offer coaching on planning, launching and growing your online course/subscription product with minimal risks.

3) Podcasting as part of your Communication/Content Strategy – Audio has been growing exponentially over the past few years (Think Podcasts, Clubhouse, Audiobooks) and now is the best time for you to get on board with an audio communication strategy to grow your brand’s credibility and thought leadership internationally.

We offer a 2 day workshop for training you and your team with all the podcast content & marketing strategy, equipment shopping list, launch planning and technical know how to produce and launch your brand’s first podcast.

Impactful Public Speaking

1)Develop the Mindset, Energy & Self Confidence of an Extraordinary Speaker – Stand out from other speakers at any event by speaking powerfully from your authentic purpose and passion for the change you seek to make.


2) Speech/Presentation Content – Keep your audience engaged and inspired with a structured presentation that offer valuable takeaway, compelling stories that connect with them emotionally, and a clear call to action.

3) Captivating voice and stage presence – We combine traditional theatre acting techniques, professional voice training and authentic stage presence development to help you deliver maximum impact as a trusted speaker in your next presentation.


Ways to Work with Us

Presentation/Speech/Pitch Video Review

We review up to 1 hour of presentation, pitch or speech video and help you to identify what you're doing well, areas for improvement (storytelling, content structure, delivery and communication effectiveness) and offer practical tips on how you can take it to the next level. This is a great option if you are preparing for an important investors pitch, stakeholder presentation or keynote speech.

1 Hour Laser Coaching

Our Laser Coaching session will help you to achieve a breakthrough on a specific problem related to public speaking, storytelling or communicating your vision & purpose within 1 hour.

1 to 1 Coaching Packages

We offer bespoke coaching packages (from 1 day to 6 months) on Public Speaking, Storytelling, Communication and Visionary Thought Leadership Development for Founders based on your current goals and challenges.

Storytelling for Pitches - 1 day Intensive Presentation Workshop

Being able to tell a great story that conveys the purpose, vision and unique value propositions of your business in a relevant and compelling way can significantly impact the result of your funding, investment or sponsorship pitch. In this 3 hour intensive workshop, we work with you and your co-founders to refine your storytelling, content structure, delivery and communication of your presentation.

Launching a Podcast as part of your Audio Communication & Content Strategy - 2 Day Planning & Implementation Workshop

Launching a podcast for your business is a great way to grow your thought leadership organically, reach a new international audience, establish your brand's credibility by giving amazing value that builds a strong relationship with your target audience. Over time, podcasts also serve as a highly effective marketing channel for your products and services. In this 2 Day workshop, your team will learn all about strategising, planning, producing and launching your brand's first podcast.

Team Workshop & Group Coaching Programme

We offer interactive workshops and group coaching (individual sessions/programme) for businesses on Communication, Storytelling & Public Speaking over Zoom or in person. Bespoke 1 day workshop, team training, and group coaching sessions are available by request.

Our Team

Tracy Tsang is the Founder of Internet of Stories and a Communication, Growth and Mindset Coach for entrepreneurs. She is also the creator of T for Teams, and the Host & Producer of The Innovate for Growth Podcast.

Tracy has over 12 years of experience creating, launching and marketing cutting edge creative innovations that are ahead of their time, including Interactive Augmented Reality experiences for Children’s Books and Marketing, Connected Paper Products, Niche Social Network & Messaging platforms, and launching a Blockchain based AI platform with Sophia the Robot.

She is a visionary leader with a knack for future forward thinking, overcoming self limiting beliefs, organic growth strategies,  and communicating innovative ideas, product and services so that they are compelling and easy to understand for their target audience.

Her experience include working at/consulting for companies including Poke London, Leo Paper Group, Leovation, FamLoop, HelloTalk and SingularityNet, and have worked with Founders & CEOs to communicate visionary thought leadership and innovation through online presence, presentations, public speaking and online course.

Our Team

Matt Friedman is an award winning public speaker/communicator and leading global expert on human trafficking and slavery with over 30 years experience delivering powerful speeches that change lives. He is particularly gifted at using stories to communicate and deliver engaging talks that compel the audience into taking action. His TEDx talk on human trafficking ‘Where were you?’ gained over 180K views on YouTube.

Matt is also the CEO of The Mekong Club, and former United Nations director and US diplomat. He has delivered over 130 keynote speeches and presentations to companies/organisations including:

American Express; Asia Society; HSBC Bank; Intercontinental Hotel; KPMG; Standard Charter Bank; Amazon;  Cathay Pacific; Coca Cola; Disney; Hallmark; Li and Fung; Lululemon; Microsoft; Thomson Reuters; Swire Group; United Nations Asia Pacific Regional Conference and the Vatican. 

Our Team

Clementine Pons

CLÉMENTINE PONS is a certified professional coach who brings to senior executives a combination of strong coaching skills and 15 years of experience in film and theatre acting.

As a professional coach, her clients include private companies (L’Oréal, Fiducia Management Consultants, Sogeti, Brico Dépôt…) and public administrations (Ifore, French Ministry of Environment…).

Clémentine’s acting experience includes major film and theatre collaborations with international recognized talents such as Andrzej Zulawski or Alain Delon, as well as featuring in the 2012 Cannes Festival and acting on major stages in Paris.

Drawing from her acting and coaching experience, she is specialized in leadership, assertiveness, public speaking and group coaching. Using traditional acting techniques, she helps speakers to show up confidently and speak with their authentic voice, and develop their presence on stage.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

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Before meeting your coach, you will need to fill out a pre-coaching questionnaire which will enable your coach to get to know your goals and challenges better and plan a more effective coaching session.
Once your questionnaire has been submitted, your coach will reach out to introduce themselves and send you the link for booking your first session. Congrats, you’re ready to take the next step in making your incredible future vision a reality.


What People say

Gaelle Loiseau

CEO, Shared Value Initiative HK

“The workshop on public speaking and story telling with Tracy and Matt was not only a great way for us to practice our messaging and make it more compelling. It was also great opportunity for the team to step back and think through what it is that matters to them and what they bring to work every day. Smaller organisations don’t always make space for moments like these to reflect on their purpose and what they are trying to achieve as a team. Working on story telling and the message we want to convey was certainly helpful and will give us food for thought as we continue our mission.”

Matt & Tracy hosted a 2-day workshop and group coaching session for Gaelle’s team on Storytelling for Effective Communication & Public Speaking.

Mona Jhunjnhuwala

Founder & Chief Tea Explorer, Teawala

“Tracy has been tremendously helpful and supportive throughout this journey. She constantly gives sound advice and proven frameworks, and more importantly, gives me the confidence I need to persevere. Without her expertise and patience as a coach, I simply wouldn’t have been able to complete the project. It was very much a joint effort and it made it that much easier to know I had someone who was enthusiastic that I could count on. Thank you Tracy!”

Tracy coached Mona Jhunjnhuwala on the product strategy, marketing and launch of Teawala’s first Online Course Product.

Jean-Baptiste Dabadie

Managing Director, APAC French Chamber Foundation

“Clémentine generously supported to French Chamber Foundation by giving a Pitch training to the Board of Directors. This was very instructive and useful. Clémentine helped us a lot in the thinking and drafting of our Pitch.

Clémentine also gave a Speech training, to myself and our honorary president, giving us very valuable advice on how to address an audience of 600 people during a Gala dinner.

Both training have been super useful, Clémentine is using different techniques and succeeded to turn us into good speakers! The training was fun, and gave us a lot of confidence.”

Clementine provided 1 to 1 coaching on public speaking to Jean-Baptiste Dabadie and their honorary president, and group coaching on pitching to their team at APAC French Chamber Foundation.

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